The Woollahra Emotion Visualisation Experience (WEVE), It feels like home! project focused on the emotional responses of the community to their home and where they live. The aim was to understand the deeply held views of older members of the community. The project generated qualitative data which was analysed and visualised to reveal how the community feels. This data revealed a wide range of issues relating to anxiety, mobility, loneliness, relationships, illness, bereavement, finances and the joy of living in a beautiful environment, having friends, sharing experiences and being able to travel. 

The project engaged in 

  • Eight pre-workshop drop-ins
  • Six two-hour workshops


  • 58 people in discussion
  • 30 attendees in workshops
  • Six one-hour  interviews
  • More than 150 attendees at events


  • Qualitative data in interviews
  • A digital artwork for ongoing exhibition 
  • A report available here
  • Two academic journal articles (in production)
  • Conference presentation online (Amsterdam) June 2020

The WEVE It feels like home!  culminated in a synchronised multi-screen digital visualisation artwork exhibited as part of the Ageing Program at The Big Anxiety 2019. It was launched at a series of events in the community that created the work at Woollahra Library, Double Bay, Paddington Library and Watsons Bay Library with artists Gail Kenning and Warren Coleman, alongside Brainlight by local Woollahra artist in residence Laura Jade. An intergenerational event was also held at Woollahra Library Double Bay featuring VR games to support wellbeing with Gemh Lab, researchers Professor Isabela Granic and Hanneke Scholten from the Netherlands.