The lab brings together specialists in immersive media, participatory design, trauma studies and psychology to advance new methods in the study of embodied subjective experience – focusing in particular in the two areas of trauma and ageing.

fEEL has developed the field of psychosocial design, harnessing immersive technology to examine the nature of embodied experience and its dynamic relationship to social settings.

This approach supports the articulation of lived experience in relation to trauma, mental and emotional health, and dementia and ageing – in turn providing a robust knowledge base for the design of creative tools to support psychosocial wellbeing.

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fEEL explores the potential of creative engagements to connect with people in challenging circumstances, from trauma-informed media and co-designed immersive technology, to live art, performance and psychosocial design.

Funded by an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship awarded to Scientia Professor Jill Bennett.