Space for Action trailer, 3min

Inspired and created by survivors of domestic and family violence.

Space for Action is a Virtual Reality experience created by Australian survivors of family and domestic violence. Perpetrators of domestic violence typically constrict women’s space for action over time, narrowing their life choices and constraining their freedom. The VR experience evokes the physical sensations and feelings of entrapment, as well as the processes of grooming and gaslighting that combine to create the conditions of ‘unfreedom’.
Created from survivors’ perspectives, Space for Action amplifies the voices of survivors, which are often silenced, not only by perpetrators but by the systems that should offer help and support.
Inspired and created by survivors of domestic and family violence.
  • Script authors/narrators: Kat Johnston, Michelle, anon.
  • Creative concept, design and direction: Jill Bennett, Gail Kenning, Volker Kuchelmeister
  • Script editors: Gail Kenning, Jill Bennett, Delanie Woodlock
  • Voice actors: Angela Johnston, Renee Lim, Justin Holland
  • Immersive media design: Volker Kuchelmeister
  • Sound design: Adam Hulbert
  • Producer: Jill Bennett
  • Research team: Michelle, Kat Johnston, Delanie Woodlock, Jill Bennett, Gail Kenning, Cate Banks and other anonymous participants
A felt Experience and Empathy Lab fEEL production in collaboration with the Big Anxiety Research Centre (UNSW) and the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (Monash University Melbourne).
This work is additionally supported by PBS106.7FM, and the Australian Research Council